MyPet PetFood FAQ’s

Q:  I thought you only sold gifts, toys and accessories?

  We did......but so many customers asked us about food and treats that we realised we could provide better items, cheaper than other companies.

Q:  What sort of food and treats do you sell?

  We’ve spent nearly 2 years, testing and researching, and we realised there were so important points that not all manufacturers take into consideration. UK Manufactured – Grain free – Veterinary approved – No additives in colour or taste – Fresh, Human grade food quality -  PRICE – and of course taste!! 

Q:  How come you’ve manufactured your own brand?

  Quite honestly, in 2018 when we started researching, we couldn’t find a manufacturer that ticked all the boxes for us. You see, we are dog and cat lovers, and its costs us nothing to care a bit more! We gave up on all the general pet food manufacturers, and developed our own with the assistance of some wonderful, caring and professional people. 

Q:  So what’s so special about MyPet PetFood??

 Lots and lots of things make us particularly special.

  1. Our food is all grain free
  2. We have a fabulous choice of recipes.
  3. Our food is made from HUMAN GRADE food and sourced from ethical farms and fisheries.
  4. Instead of bulking up our food with grain, we use only high quality, meat, fish, vegetable and fruit.
  5. As its our own brand, we have total control over ingredients, manufacture, packaging and distribution
  6. As its our own brand, and no middle men, the high quality product is cheaper to YOU!
  7. We have ranges of recipes for puppies, small breeds, adult and large breed, as well as for kittens and cats.
  8. We use NO artificial colours or flavouring.

Q:  OK.....but you are out there to make a profit?

  Of course we are!........BUT by offering a great product, that helps to promote good skin, a shiny coat, and genuine long term health and at a great price we will be obtaining and retaining so many customers. 

Q:  How soon after ordering do I get my order delivered.

Usually within 48 hours. Couriers can be a bit unreliable, but we use only reputable companies. 

Q:  Do you offer further discounts above and beyond your online prices?

YES!!! We want to keep you happy in every way we can, so if you sign up for 3 months supplies we discount by 5%, sign up for 6 months supplies and we discount by 7.5%, and sign up for 12 months supplies we discount by 10%. These relate to deliveries once every 2 weeks or once every 4 weeks.....whatever suits you.

Q:  What if my pet gets bored with the same food?

There are lots of recipes, so lots of choice, plus we are developing new recipes all the time, and will notify you as they come online. 

Q:  Is your food veterinary approved?

This was a big one for us! Yes, we ensured that we had veterinary approval along the whole recipe and manufacturing process. We came out with flying colours.....

Q:  Can I order over the phone?

Its far easier online, but if you have any problem, or any questions, we will happily help process your order for you. 

Q:  What happens if I’m out when my order arrives?

We will either leave it in a safe place, or if that’s not possible, will drop a card in the door so you can either collect from the local depot, or re-arrange a delivery. 

Q:  How much MyPet PetFood should I feed my pet?

We are VERY careful about generalisation on pet wellbeing and advice. We would suggest that you spoke to your vet, especially if you are concerned about health, and weight issues. 

Q:  Do you also sell treats?

We do indeed.........and a huge array of them. We do stock well known brands, as these treats are full of goodness, with many specialising in wellbeing such as teeth, coats, calming and weight. We also have started manufacturing our own range of MyPet PetFood treats, which, like our main food, is tried, tested, safe, and VERY tasty

Q:  How does the pet food subscription work?

Its very easy. You let us know what you require, with deliveries every 2 weeks or every month. You agree on a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription at our already discounted rates. In return at the end of your 3 month subscription we will give you a £10 credit to use on our site. At the end of your 6 months subscription we will give you a further £20 credit, and at the end of your 12 month subscription we will give you a £40 credit!!

Quite apart from great food at a great price, we want to say thank you!!!