Rory's Story

My Pet Food......................Rory my story

My human partners Colin and Jem joined forces with me two years ago when we started “My Pet Gift Box”

I was really keen to supply all sorts of pet items, to dogs and cats all over the UK

We still do, and I’m happy to say that we have over 14,000 customers on our database.

Over the past year, the two humans (Colin and Jem) have been testing tastes, flavours, and shapes on me and lots of my pals, to see what we really, really love.

Now we have veterinary approval, food without additives or colourings, that’s hypoallergenic, full of genuine fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables, and tastes absolutely fabulous.

I was always pretty healthy with a shiny coat, but Cassie, my Border Collie friend, says I’ve never looked better......she is stunning. 

We are so happy with the outcome, that if you haven't already become a MyPetFood customer, we are happy to send you a free trial pack.

Just fill out the free order form, and we will rush over a pack.

If a customer has recommended us to you..........thank them after your pet tries our food!!!

Any comments or questions......i’m all ears!

Office Director (Bossman)