Polka Dot Multi-purpose Carrier


This Black/Pink Polka Dot Multi-purpose Carrier is an amazing fantastic versatile item. You will wonder how you managed without it. It can also be used with the shoulder strap and if you are feeling particularly strong it can be carried underarm using the handle on top of the carrier. Both sides have a zip opening with netting on each side for good air circulation. The front has a pocket for treats or other bits and bobs while the other flap which can be raised to allow for even more air circulation and while he/she can see out it is not so easy for passers-by to see in. The interior features a lead that can be attached to a collar or harness so when the door is opened the dog cannot make a run for it until you have control. Also another feature is an animal print design with a removable mat for easy cleaning.

Key Features

Can be used as a backpack letting your upper body take the strain
Can be used as a shoulder bag using the shoulder strap provided
Can be used as a carry on using the handle on top of the carrier
Suitable for dogs up to 22lbs / 10kgs
Dimensions: (LxBxH) 43cm x 23cm x 36cm

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