The Birthday Boy Treats & Toys Gift Box For Dogs


Celebrate your dog’s birthday with the popular Birthday Boy Dog Treats & Toys Gift Box from My Pet Gift Box. Your pooch will be spoilt for choice with a selection of treats, top brand toys, a dog friendly birthday cake and a yummy bottle of dog beer; carefully presented in a luxury gift box with a personalised birthday card.

Hatchwell Birthday Cake for Dogs

This birthday cake is made from complimentary ingredients your dog with love treat and really make their day. This cake does not contain chocolate but healthy carob.

Pooch & Mutt Natural Dog Treats

Health & Digestion includes chicken, parsley, charcoal and chicory. Parsley has been used since the 4th century BC to aid digestion, especially in cases of bloating and flatulence. Charcoal was originally used in ancient Egypt, it works by absorbing foods that haven’t been properly digested, which can cause gas. Chicory is a natural prebiotic, which can help to regulate digestive bacteria.

Pet Munchies Chicken & Calcium Natural Dog Treats

Pet Munchies Natural Dog Treats Chicken & Calcium Bones are 100% natural real chicken wrapped around a Calcium Bone. A fantastic treat for growing dogs, Pet Munchies Chicken & Calcium Bones are a great source of Calcium and so is good for teeth development and healthy bones. A premium quality gourmet treat, delicious and nutritional.

Alfie’s Diner Scrumptious Salmon Dog Treats

Alfie’s Diner are gourmet treats made with wholesome ingredients. Not only are they absolutely scrumptious but they’re healthy too, with no artificial anything! Each treat has a crispy shell and soft creamy centre that are irresistible. There’s no treat finer than Alfie’s Diner.

Woof & Brew Beer for Dogs

The average dog nose is anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 more sensitive than ours. Sniffing each others bottoms is more than just a doggy hello. They are able to sense emotional status, gender and diet of other dogs.Bottom Sniffer beer creates real tail swagger, giving your dog the status and respect they deserve from their doggy peers when being bottom sniffed!  Its no coincidence that our brew contains Dandelion & Burdock! Not only are these herbs full of nostalgia in beer type drinks, they (along with all the other herbs) help towards aiding general well-being. The ingredients used in the brew are natural and offer a complimentary pet food.

Kong Squeakair Ball Toy

What do you get when you combine a tennis ball, a squeaky toy and a strong rope? The perfect toy for playing fetch! That’s why the KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball with Rope combines the two classic dog toys. The ball is durable and is designed to not wear down your dog’s teeth and is made with a special nonabrasive felt, unlike normal tennis balls.

Kong Cross Knots Monkey Dog Toy

KONG Cross Knots are the classiest critters in the Knots family. With fun details like crossed legs and animated faces, it’s easy to forget how tough these toys are. The internal knotted rope and squeaker satisfies natural instincts and each toy contains less stuffing for less mess.

Please note that products are subject to change according to stock availability but will always be substituted with a product of the same or superior value.


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