Tuffa-Ring Dog Toy


Tuffables Tuffa-Ring is a just the thing if you are looking for a tough toy for your dog.

Features of Tuffables Tuffa-Ring Dog Toy

  • Is made from a unique multi-layer construction
  • Edges are constructed with luggage grade material with 3 rows of edge stitching incorporating a strong zig-zag pattern.
  • Tough polyester material
  • PUPVC coating
  • Durable throw toy
  • Floats so perfect to take to any location with water for extra fun.

This unique toy is a great addition to any dog’s toy box. The vast array of games that you can both enjoy together will make sure that they get your undivided attention, and plenty of exercise. The bright styling and tough body will make sure that wherever you play it will be a high octane event.

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